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Veeam Put to Work | MT

With so many businesses running 24/7, it can be challenging to find a window of opportunity for application development and network administration teams to work together to test environments critical to moving a business forward. Recently, we put Veeam to yet another test.

The application development team had a need for an isolated environment to implement and test migration code for moving SQL data from legacy systems over to their newly developed application. Basically, they were looking at taking data from not just one, but three legacy systems up to the new environment. The network administration team had implemented Veeam less than a year ago and decided that they could easily restore duplicate copies of the live servers onto an isolated VMware-based host, which would allow the application development team to work in an exact duplicate of the live environment, without impacting anything. In less than three hours, the live servers were up and running in the isolated test environment and the application development team was off and running.

Veeam has proven itself to our team numerous times now, not only for those quick restores needed from time to time, but also in cases like the one described. If you are not using Veeam to backup and safeguard your VMware-based environment, both locally and in the cloud, ask us about it.


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