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APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, provide a means for communication between various applications and technologies. A common use for an API is to provide a central repository for a library of functionality that can be shared amongst multiple disparate applications. This library provides a common set of methods which can be called from any type of application running on virtually any type of platform. APIs provide a set of building blocks that allow developers to easily centralize key business rules, data access and common functionality. Whether it’s a desktop application running on a Windows workstation, a web application running on an Apache server, or a mobile application running on an iPhone, an API provides a single source of functionality that can be shared amongst them all. Imagine a company that has a centralized database that shares data across its many departments and divisions. Each department or division may be running specialized software which pertains only to its specific needs, but each application needs access to the same centralized database. An API would provide a perfect solution. All communication between the various applications and the centralized database would go through an API written specifically for this purpose. The API would provide the necessary business rules to ensure consistent and accurate data. Hosting business rules in the API, instead of each individual application, also provides a single source for manangement, should the rules every need to be updated. ConexNet has developed and deployed both rest and soap based APIs to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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