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                                                                OUR VALUED CLIENTS


ConexNet provides support to a number of law firms in the Chicago area ranging in size from a few attorneys to over twenty partners. Our support includes network design, administration and support, but also includes the development and maintenance of network and web-based software used to file real estate tax appeals.


For a large worldwide distributor/manufacture of chain, we provide full network support services, specialty programming and phone system integration and support for the US and Canada. The software that ConexNet developed integrates with Activant Prophet 21 ASP-based software and provides over twenty five critical reports to the customer that would otherwise not be available.


ConexNet provides support to a number of companies in this industry. Our support includes network design, administration and support. In addition, we have developed custom software that is used to rapidly enter orders and then ties in to the customer’s back end Entree system. For another customer, we developed a web-based system that it used to maintain and track inventory kept at a number of cold storage warehouses.


ConexNet provides support to a multi-million dollar national service company and has been doing so for many years. Our support includes network design, administration and support, as well as web-based programming to tie in to back end SQL database software. We also virtualized their full server environment of over 15 individual servers to a fully redundant VMWare-based farm.


ConexNet supports a number of medical practices in the downtown Chicago area. Our support includes network design, administration and support. We have also provided full support to the rollout of various medical software products, including MediNotes, Peak Practice and AllScripts.


ConexNet has developed and provides continued support for multiple applications at a large medical supply company. These applications span multiple technologies that include: web-based applications, stand-alone windows applications, web services, data sharing with 3rd party applications, laboratory equipment interfaces and embedded microcontroller devices. These applications support the daily operations of our client as well as hundreds of their clients. Data sharing amongst applications allows our client to provide state of the art services and support to their clients with real-time data access and transparency.


ConexNet provides maintenance and update support for an existing lease application used by a financial services company. The application is configured as an Access user interface connected with a SQL server back end. An intranet front end has also been developed to provide reporting features. This application was originally developed by personnel of the financial services company. ConexNet has been tasked to maintain the system as well as provide additional features as the needs arise.


ConexNet has developed a custom web-based application for a national marketing/supply chain firm that supports the natural products industry. The application provides support for sales staff product queries, customer order collection/forwarding, accounts receivable and contracting activities. The web-based architecture allows easy access from users nationwide. This application was developed to replace a series of existing Access databases that were being used to provide the various functions at locations throughout the country. Consolidating the stand-alone databases into a single application utilizing SQL server for data storage, eliminates duplication of data and the potential problems inherent with attempting to share and synchronize data across multiple databases. IT consulting agency

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