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It appears a month does not go by without a major news story on a data breach at some large organization, often impacting millions of customers and resulting in a significant impact on business revenues.

In some cases, minimal protections were all that were in place. Every organization needs equipment and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to its network. This includes not only firewalls, web and email filters, but also robust authentication schemes and policies to ensure passwords are systematically changed and access is properly removed for terminated employees. For some companies, the perceived inconvenience of properly securing its network can leave it open to breaches. Ignoring risks does not make them go away and instead leaves your company unaware and unprepared for the impact of a breach.

Our vulnerability assessment services provide an in-depth scan of the perimeter of your network and by placing our scanner device within your network perimeter, your local area network (LAN) can also be thoroughly evaluated.

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The perimeter of your network is like the exterior structure of your house. If you only have screen doors protecting your home, instead of solid doors that can be locked and secured, it would be much easier for an intruder to breach your home. In fact, when you leave your home and before you go to bed at night, you probably check to make sure doors and windows are closed and locked, thereby securing the perimeter.  

Who or what is doing the checking on the perimeter of your computer network? At the very least it should be a firewall. Is it capable of stopping frequently occurring relentless automated attacks and, if capable, is it configured properly and doing its job? Is this being tested and validated on a routine basis?  If the attacks on the perimeter of your network were occurring at your home, at the very least, you would make sure something was in place to prevent a breach. You should develop the mindset that protecting the perimeter of your network requires the same level of diligence and concern as protecting the perimeter of your home. Once a perimeter breach occurs, it becomes much more difficult to protect what’s inside. 

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The local area network or LAN, is what sits inside the firewall provided perimeter protection. All of the computers sitting on desks or in conference rooms can typically communicate with every device on the LAN, such as other computers, printers, etc. If an intruder penetrates the perimeter of your LAN, are you prepared? It’s easier than you might think, as an office visitor may hop on your WiFi network and gain access to everything on it. If the intruder gains access to your LAN, you want to be sure all other devices are secure. What gets dropped on your LAN can be as serious as an intruder entering your home, so you better be prepared.  

The LAN vulnerability scanning technology that we use digs into everything on your network, searching and discovering obvious vulnerabilities as obsolete as operating systems, unpatched operating systems and default system passwords on all sorts of devices just to name a few. Protecting your LAN is every bit as important as protecting your perimeter and we can identify holes that you might not know exist.

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