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The Importance of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is essential to a networks security. Cyber attacks are an inevitability and an untested network could provide many cracks through which an attacker could slip. By testing a network with the same methods by which a cyber criminal would attack, security flaws can be exposed and repaired before a business network is compromised.

Methods of attack prevention such as spam filters, firewalls, user rights limitations, and DMZ can only do so much to stop a network from being compromised if there are protocol misconfigurations, known vulnerable soft/hardware, or vulnerable internal applications running on a network. Simply scanning a network with a program is a good first step, but it will often return false positives and miss other important vulnerabilities. Whether the goal is to stop outsiders from breaking into a company or to keep employees confined to their own space, it’s impossible to know if a network is truly secure until you make an effort to compromise it.


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