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The Harsh Reality of Freezing Temperatures Impact on Key Equipment | MT

This winter the Chicagoland area saw temperatures 25 below zero.  Many companies, schools and municipalities closed because of the various dangers associated with such bitter weather. Don’t get me wrong, it gets cold in Chicago, but rarely to this extent. 

When no one shows up at your office, school or government building for a day or two, under such extreme cold conditions, there might be a very unpleasant surprise waiting for the first person to return. Pipes can freeze, potentially causing water leaks and even flooding. Just do a quick Google searchand you can easily find the consequences of such an event 

In the IT world, we implement and rely on various tools to monitor the status of key equipment. Larger office buildings have all sorts of equipment to monitor power, heat, water, fire suppression systems, etc. 

If you are an office manager, especially in a smaller building, this is something you should routinely check when temperatures reach these extreme lows. It can prevent being forced to deal with an event that could have been avoided or even lessened in severity.

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