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Standard Operating Procedures are Important

As we have seen some of our customers grow over the years, the importance of developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) has become more and more apparent.  By many names (i.e. policy, method, protocol, practice, etc.), defining a standard way of doing routine tasks simplifies a process it can be repeated with the same outcome expected.  A common one that we run into is an SOP for bringing on new employees and typically includes such things as personal information (name, SSN, address, phone numbers, birth date, family information, etc.) and employment information (start date, salary, job description, benefits, etc), which are the obvious ones.  

Something often overlooked is what tech will be required to do the job, such as computer, tablet, phone, security, remote access, etc.  This information should be known and provided to IT before the new person starts so that everything is ready the day the new employee shows up for work.  There is nothing more unprofessional than showing up for the first day and getting the feeling that your arrival was unexpected!  Even when companies take the time to put such an SOP in place, there can be the urge for some managers to still try to skirt the process, which usually results in chaos for the new hire, as there is then a scramble to get everything in place at the last minute.  

Not sure where to start with an employee IT onboarding SOP?  Reach out to us via - we can help!


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