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Secure WiFi Implementation

One of our clients has been using an old device around their office to provide WiFi to their employees and visitors who need to connect to their network.  Many of the employees used the WiFi to connect their phones to the network to limit the amount of data being used on their phone plan, while visitors would come and provide services for them onsite, and would require a steady and consistent WiFi.  After moving to a new location, the layout of the office and the current wireless access point was not sufficient and was unable to allow users around different points of the office to connect to it.  

We acquired up-to-date wireless access points and created several zones within the office for users to connect.  For instance, the conference room had its own WiFi that was solely used for when meetings occurred and external users came onsite.  By doing this, the strength and reliability of their wifi was strong and consistent.

New passwords were created for each to provide a more secure network and limit the chance of unwanted users connecting to their network. Each wireless access point was given a different SSID to allow the users onsite to distinguish which wireless network they wished to connect to, giving them easy and reliable WiFi all around the office. By placing wireless devices around different locations of the office, the strength of the WiFi was greater at different workstations, and limited the amount of "dead zones" within the space. 

The customer is a Chicago-based law firm. ConexNet provides for all their IT needs. 


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