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Remote Connectivity Through Virtual Private Networks RMI

Many individuals wish to work outside the office, whether it be due to travel, convenience, or personal matters. Stable connections and a secure method of external access is something that ConexNet takes seriously. Using RDP with open ports puts the company at risk for an intrusion and possible virus/malware. By enabling a VPN, we can limit the outside worlds access to a companies network by closing ports and requiring authentication. 

A recent example of this is at a law firm we support. We were able to close all ports and enable an SSL VPN via network level authentication. By doing so, all users can now connect to the VPN, and directly remote into their corresponding work-stations. This provides security to the network and comfort to the users knowing that they can consistently connect from their homes, coffee shops, airports, ect, without the concern of an outside threat. This method works for a variety of users as it is supported by both Mac and Windows machines. For those users who wished to use their tablets, ConexNet was able to create another method via IPSEC. This allowed iPhones, iPads, and a variety of other tablets to connect without the need for a laptop or workstation. 

Overall, ConexNet looks for every possible way to make the life of its clients easier. With the change in technology, the ability to work remotely is a highly requested feature that most users wish to have. However, it is important to balance convenience with security. In every case, taking the extra step to connect to a VPN when working remotely prior to connecting to your workstation can save multiple headaches in the future; such as the now common threat known as Ransomware.  


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