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Reacting to Unpredictable Circumstances | RB

At one of our customer's remote locations, the ISP forced a change to the public IP range with minimal notice that could not be rescheduled.

This location hosts VPN tunnels to multiple domestic locations and even one to Europe. This location also receives daily customer service calls and orders, and depends on the internet for its VOIP solution to inter-function with other locations.

With minimal time to plan for the change, service requests were immediately opened with the appropriate providers that would be affected by this change. Secondary IP's were configured for all VPN tunnels on both ends. A secondary failover IP was configured for the main WAN connection on the firewall. Once the change was performed by the ISP, we remotely connected to confirm and apply the final changes.

All services, VPN tunnels and VOIP systems were up and functional and there was minimal downtime during the office off-hours.


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