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Minimizing a Bad Day...Another Example

A few years ago, we posted this entry about how we do business:

At ConexNet, our approach to technology is to be proactive, to prepare for and strive to avoid problems, not to simply react to them. Our ability to be ahead of that bad day depends on being prepared for it, testing for it, updating our approach and response as needed and doing that continuously. Prospective customers look at the cost associated with doing things this way and often ask if it is worth the expense. ConexNet cannot answer that question, but instead, we ask this one...What is the cost of being down for hours, days or even weeks?

Every once in a while, something goes wrong and if this customer had not approved and implemented our recommendations before the bad day arrived, the outcome could have been very different. This smaller customer in the food service industry was hesitant to implement what we perceived to be necessary safeguards against increasing malware and ransomware exposure because of the costs as compared to having a more difficult year financially.

Thankfully we found a solution that spread out the implementation cost of our recommendations, as they were hit with a ransomware attack that would have been very difficult to contain and remedy had our recommendations not been implemented. After resolving the problem, the customer thanked us for being so persistent in our recommendations, as it is what saved them from a far bigger problem and financial impact.

This situation is another example as to why we so strongly recommend a certain way of doing things! At ConexNet, our mission is to minimize the impact of unpredictable bad days. We are not in the business of running fire drills that arise from not being prepared! We are happy to let someone else deal with that coming bad day!


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