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Firewall as First Line of Protection | RI

A client of ours used Airport Extreme as their main firewall. With open ports and limited security services in place, this company was vulnerable to various threats including network intrusion and viruses.

With a Barracuda NG firewall already in place for VPN purposes, we were able to completely swap out the device and remove Airport Extreme from the network. This required us to reconfigure the NG; along with the host that the VM's resided on. Reconfiguring the NICs were required to successfully communicate with the Barracuda NG Firewall (which itself was a virtual machine on the host). Based off the roles the Airport Extreme was previously assigned, this also included configuring a new wireless network and a new DHCP server. Using up-to-date routers and firewalls that provide additional security services are essential to protecting your data and company. Having a strong first line of protection is alway the start to a secure network. 


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