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Connectivity as a Key to Success | CM

For business owners connectivity is always one of the keys to success, whether it be at their desk in the office, at home, or on the road. We recently worked with a senior partner at one of our clients in the supply and distribution industries. He was struggling with an outdated laptop and needed more functionality when he was outside the office. We worked with him to make sure the equipment ordered would fulfill all his needs for the future, then went a step beyond the setup process, to make sure his new system worked as seamlessly in his home office as at did in his business office.

So now when he's working those random hours late at night at home, he can print invoices from the office to his home printer, or send faxes from his office desktop sitting on his couch. All with the confidence that every document is in its place and every program that worked on the old laptop does so on the new one, so things are just as they should be, and better than before. 


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