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ConexNet begins work in the Compounding Pharmacy Industry

ConexNet has been hired to develop a custom Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for a test lab in the compounding pharmacy industry based in Texas. The application is a base for tracking and managing incoming test requests from all over the globe. The LIM System will be used to streamline proficiencies and help to better organize the internal workflow. The application is hosted entirely on Microsoft Azure and is using a SQL back-end to store the data.

It is also utilizing a Multi-Layer Architecture with an MVC front-end. The beauty of this architecture, coupled with Microsoft Azure, is it allows for the software to scale with the client as they grow into the future. As the end-users put more stress on the system, Azure allows you to easily scale up to the required resources to keep up with demand. This also allows clients to save money on upfront costs, not requiring them to buy licenses and physical servers to host the software. Microsoft Azure allows for a very quick and cost-effective way to host web-applications such as this. If you or your company is interested in creating a custom software application, be sure to reach out today! We can help to answer any and all questions you may have.


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