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Antivirus, Web Filters and Firewalls… | CM

Having antivirus, web filters and firewalls is not always enough these days to protect against the many threats from phishing emails and malware. Sooner or later some new method appears to threaten your business. Besides software and hardware, we educate clients themselves to be part of the defense, by keeping them informed of the latest threats.

Recently a client of ours in the food distribution industry reached out because of a suspicious email referencing invoices and money due on services. To the untrained eye the email looked legitimate, and appeared to be from a known sender and was similar enough to any of a dozen emails the person received that it could easily have been mistaken. But, they knew enough to reach out to us immediately because something didn't seem right.

We were able to confirm it was a fake and prevent the client from getting a virus infection or worse; passing along financial info. By empowering our clients with knowledge they become part of the solution in protecting their businesses. This also gives them the skills outside of work to be more aware and protect their personal interests. In the end a winning combination for everyone. 


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