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Cloud Solutions and Virtualization

Unlimited flexibility to pivot your business however necessary

Increased Environment Efficiency

Secure Global Access to All of Your Resources

Optimal Resource Dedication

     ConexNet focuses on technology provided by VMware to implement virtual environments for many of our customers. This does not mean all of your equipment is necessarily at a data center. Instead, this means that your servers are no longer tied to a specific piece of hardware that sits somewhere in a back closet in your office.

     Virtualization removes this dependency and maximizes the benefits received from your investment and provides a reliable method of surviving a disastrous event. Virtualization offers efficiencies in upgrading and maintaining the desktop environment simply not possible as compared to a stand-alone workstation deployment. Talk with us about how virtualization has helped many of our customers and what it can mean to your business.

     ConexNet implements cloud solutions that can take things a step further. A cloud hosted virtualized environment, or combination of local hardware and cloud infrastructure, will give you the robust capabalities of fortune 500 enterprises.

Cloud solutions and virtualization can seem complicated but we're here to help


Cloud Solutions

  • We've migrated multiple environments can do it smoothly for you to

  • Cloud environments actually make compliance easier

  • Your data is more secure in the cloud

  • Your worksites will be connected more easily and with less downtime


  • Makes current environment easier to manage and adapt

  • Provisioning apps and resources is much easier

  • Environments cost less to operate and maintain

Cloud solutions and virtualization will save you countless headaches

Professional IT Services to Meet Your Needs

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On-site Assistance

Business Continuity

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Software Development

Remote Work Solutions


Cloud Solutions and Virtualization

Cyber Security

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